The Importance of Consistency to Build a Solid Brand


There are hundreds of businesses registered in Australia every day, but to get yourself recognised on a daily basis, you first need to look at brand awareness, your online presence, logo, and overall company values, which all play a part in the overall branding of your company.

What is brand consistency?

Creating your company branding is essentially the foundations of your overall business identity and values. It covers everything from how you communicate with potential clients, staff uniforms, websites, graphic designs, and your store front. From the moment you engage with a customer, you are setting a standard for your brand.

Large business such as Coca-Cola and Apple are all instantly recognisable by their strong branding and marketing styles. Being consistent in your branding helps you become identifiable and creates strong client relationships. Whether people see your social profiles or your logo on a bus, they know that’s you!

What does a brand consist of?

This is how your company delivers its message to potential and existing clients.

External Factors

  • Colour
  • Typography
  • Logos
  • Sound
  • Design

Internal Factors

  • Values, company mission statements
  • Tone – verbal or written
  • Delivery
  • Message
  • Guidelines
Why does consistency matter

Why does consistency matter?

Gaining new customers is great, but retaining the ones that have already purchased from you is the key to success, and you do this by delivering the same standard of service or product each and every time.

7 times a charm

Rule of thumb indicates it takes 7 interactions with your company before a purchase is made.

Our brains are like cameras taking a mental snapshot of the same experience image. Every time they see it, the higher chance of a person remembering and recalling it. If you want to be remembered, and for the right reasons, make sure all your marketing platforms are branding the same as each other.

Brand Recognition

When you know who the advertisement is for before you see or hear the company name, this is brand recognition. Companies can achieve this through consistency in their marketing.

Why is brand consistency the key to successful marketing?

Every industry has competition for customers and a success branding and marketing campaign could be the reason why you succeed (or fail). Company branding isn’t something that you do one day and not the next; if you don’t aim to achieve the same results day in day out, you may as well not bother. It is the consistency that builds loyalty and in turn sets the groundwork for repeat business, and increased profits.

Trust and Loyalty

Trust and Loyalty

Customers keep coming back to you because you give them exactly what they need, whether is a relaxing massage that helps with their aching bodies, or a good strong cup of coffee that really hits the mark at 6 am in the morning. Your brand, your staff and your company evoke feelings, and consistently delivering on those same feelings and company values every time makes it easier for existing and potential customers to relate and recognise your brand.

Tips to build brand consistency

  1. Create a mission statement – a set of guiding values and company goals.
  2. Create a style guide – work with a graphic designer to complete various logos for different platforms, fonts, colour palette, images, and content for website and social media. This will ensure no matter who is creating the content, it will all match the branding guidelines.
  3. Include your logo – any marketing materials, business cards flyers, car wraps, they all should include your logo.
  4. Create a cohesion between in person interaction and online presence – a customer’s online experience is just as important as the in-person one. Build a website that showcases your brands, services, and products. If your website doesn’t match your store, people will be confused and potentially lose trust in your company.
Be open to change

Be open to change

Being consistent doesn’t mean you can’t improve and make changes. Companies spend time developing their brands gradually: new packaging, improved logos, new websites. Trust your consumers, so if they have feedback and are happy to communicate this with you – listen – and if it something you are happy to change, then make it happen. Working with experts can really help with your overall branding and creating the overall first impressions. If you need help with website support and maintenance, contact us today!