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WordPress Optimised Hosting

For the best performance and extremely reliable WordPress hosting,  WP Site Manage partners with leading experts and providers of WordPress specific hardware and software systems.

Built for Speed

By using a WordPress optimised hosting environment with Cloudflare Enterprise your website will load fast anywhere in the world. Maximise your SEO and conversion rates with the fastest WordPress websites possible. We guarantee your WordPress sites will not get faster than this platform.

Pushing your WordPress content to the Cloudflare edge network ensures each WordPress website is automatically cached and secured in over 200 locations in 100 countries to provide an optimal browsing experience (https://www.cloudflare.com/en-au/network/ ). For Australian businesses this means that the files for your website are cached in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland NZ. No matter where your clients are they will experience a fast loading website.

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Faster than the Competition

The hosting servers reside at the Edge of the Cloud in what’s known as Internet Exchanges. Every exchange has direct connectivity to the local ISP’s which ultimately reduces network latency and drastically boost your WordPress performance.

What exactly is Cloudflare Enterprise?

Cloudflare Enterprise is a very high-end offering that many folks may not know about… mainly because it typically starts at $6,000 a month per domain. One of the biggest benefits of Enterprise is the ability to leverage ALL of Cloudflare’s Points of Presence, with priority routing. This not only unlocks premium locations like India and Australia, but your traffic will take priority over all other Cloudflare traffic.

Global Website Firewall

Cloudflare Enterprise WAF blocks malicious requests from accessing the servers.

Local Website Firewall

Powered by Imunify360 each server scans website access requests to further protect your site.

Malware Scanning & Patching

If malware is found on your site it will automatically be patched and quarantined.

Optimised Servers

The optimised edge servers are built to provide guaranteed resources, edge caching, and an optimised stack that will insure maximum performance for all your workloads. From simple blogs to WooCommerce sites with thousands of products, these servers can handle it all.

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Benefits of Smart Caching

Valued Added Services

WordPress hosting

More than just WordPress hosting

When your website hosting and support is with WP Site Manage, we take responsibility for the upkeep and operation of WordPress so that you do not have to worry about plugin updates, security patches and feature upgrades. We make sure that your website is fast, secure, and performing as expected.

You will enjoy the ease of use and reliability of our key promises:

Fast Loading, Properly Working Website
Search Engine Optimised Pages
Warranty for our Coding and Design
WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
Performance optimised WordPress theme
Licenced and supported plugins
Elementor Pro and Gravity Forms
Google Analytics & Google Search Console
Domain renewal and DNS hosting
Security checks and hacker protection
Periodic manual human checks and updates
Friendly, helpful, honest advice and guidance
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Cloudflare Enterprise

World's Fastest WordPress Hosting Platform

Thanks to the fine-tuned Enterprise CDN, your website visitors from around the world get an equally awesome, lightning-fast browsing experience. No configuration required, no hidden costs.

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What does that mean for you?

How fast can we make a page appear on the users screen? With Google’s recent Core Web Vital updates, it’s extremely important to deliver your website content including the text, images, code and media files as fast as possible. This isn’t about tricking speed tests with sneaky tactics!

Instantly Higher SEO Ranking

Don’t let your website speed be a detriment to your SEO rankings. Instead, make sure your website speed boosts your SEO rankings and scores you higher on search results

Pre-configured & Optimised

Having a lightning fast website shouldn’t be something you have to think about setting up and optimizing, because we do it for you from the moment you create your website.

Higher Conversion Rates

Faster websites lead to higher conversions, and [the] fastest websites lead to highest conversions. Don’t let slow website speed cost you another sale ever again.
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Cloudflare Data Centres

With 16 data centres across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia we can locate your website in the optimum location. If your primary customer base is in Australia then your website will be running on servers in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The data centres in our region, Oceania, are at:

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Instant Speed Optimisations

With optimised connections to the world’s fastest Enterprise CDN has its perks.  Unique to the CloudFlare Enterprise platform are off server optimizations that compress, load, and image resizing that boost performance without expense

Eliminate Unnecessary Plugins

With built-in features that eliminate your need for otherwise paid version of WordPress plugins.  Security, image optimization, CDN, and JS content loaders can all be removed, as they are features built into your new platform.

We do not need any of these resource wasting plugins. Remember, every time you add a new plugin it’s a potential security risk and performance drag.

The Safest Way to Host WordPress

With the always-on WordPress Website Firewall, your WordPress is always protected from Hackers. Spend more time managing and building your Website content and less time worrying about the safety and security of it.

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Every WordPress install on has two firewalls. The first one lives out at the Edge and is Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise. Every request to your WordPress site is scanned by this Firewall first, then if deemed safe, sent to the servers. The second, is powered by Imunify360 and is installed on all the servers. This provides additional protection from brute force attacks, 0-day exploits, and much more.

Maximum WordPress Protection

Everything is already configured and ready to go. Once your site is pointing to the hosting platform, your WordPress site is automatically protected from the most common (and not so common) threats.

SQL Injection

Prevent SQL injection from infecting your database with harmful code.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Block attackers from executing malicious scripts while visitors are browsing your site.

Malicious File Upload

PHP Shell, Malware, and all of those nasty scripts will be immediately blocked.

Directory Traversal

Have hidden files and folders for config files? We’ll never allow them to be seen or crawled

Local File Inclusion

Unauthorised access to your code or other sensitive data is immediately blocked.

Comment Spam

90%+ reduction in comment spam with the firewall, no plugin required.

PCI Compliance

If your website processes or stores sensitive information such as credit cards, personal details or company information it’s extremely important that you meet the necessary security requirements, and standards such as the PCI.

The very first requirement for PCI: “Install and Maintain a Firewall Configuration to Protect Cardholder Data” is met with our WordPress Website Firewall with no configuration or plugins required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work predominantly with WordPress websites. Our range of clients includes small business, personal bloggers, WooCommerce and eLearning sites.

We can optimise your site the best we can for google, but there are sometimes factors outside our control which may mean it isn’t possible to reach your desired result.

These factors can include:

· Outdate and old website theme

· Large videos or content, page weight

We will provide recommendation on how you can resolve such issues.

You can request additional time. If required, this is charged at our hourly rate and quoted on per request

All-inclusive website management services

We take care of your website while you run your business!.